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Monthly Tax Installment Form

Taxes are due by July 31st of the current tax year.  To avoid the 12 percent late penalty charge on August 1st, payments must be dated no later than July 31 and envelopes must be post marked by the post office "July 31".  (12 percent penalty on current year tax levy only)

Any balance owing on the tax roll account after December 31st will be charged an additional 18 percent penalty.

Monthy Tax Installment Program
If you wish to sign up for the monthly tax installment program your taxes have to be paid up to date.  The withdrawals will start in January to December. 

eg.  1st six months payments will be based on 2008 tax levy then once the 2009 levy is set the remaining payments will be split over the next six months.

Tax Installment & Preauthorize Form



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