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Connecting highways are Highway 53 and Highway 20. The Highway 2 corridor is just over 40 kilometres East of Rimbey.

Truck Lines
Rimbey Express
Phone: (403) 843-2266

Hi-Way 9 Express Ltd.
Phone: 1-800-622-5800

Bus Services
A van passenger service is available daily (Monday to Friday) to Red Deer.

Departure from Rimbey:
9:00 a.m. - drop off Greyhound Bus Depot, Red Deer

Departure from Red Deer (Greyhound Bus Depot):
12:00 p.m. - drop off Rimbey

For booking and price information, call (403) 843-2266. Please note this service is not wheel chair accessible.

Courier Service
Loomis and Purolator Couriers, Greyhound Courier Express

Air Service
Rimbey Municipal Airport has a 900 metre runway and all-weather facilities. Rimbey's airport is located at 52° 40'N 114° 14' W, a two miles from Town.

Flight planning, NOTAM and weather are available at Red Deer FSS - (403) 886-4547.

While fuel, oil, storage of aircraft and servicing are unavailable at this time, there is a telephone in the terminal, transportation, eating and accommodation facilities are available in town.

The airport is lit using a rotating beacon, lighted windsock and medium intensity on runway, taxiway and parking apron. Landing lights, dusk to dawn, are controlled by photo-electric cell or aircraft radio signal.

The nearest commercial and air freight services are at Red Deer and at Edmonton International Airport.

Rail Service
Rimbey is served by a Canadian Pacific Railway branch line. Spur trackage is available.

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