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Central Alberta Raceways

RacewaysThe Kinsmen Club of Rimbey is currently in the process of developing a motor sports park in Rimbey named Central Alberta Raceways.
Upon completion, the motor sports park will include a 1/4 mile drag strip, a 500m dirt oval, a bike oval, demolition derby, motocross track, mud bog and trailer/camping area.

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2019 Event Schedule!

Oval Test n' Tune 
Sat, May 25 @ 11am
No Prep 
Sat, August 10 @ 11am 
Drag Test n' Tune 
Sat, May 25 @ 11am 
Sun, May 26 @ 11am
Drag Bracket Racing
Sun, August 11 @ 11am
Demo Derby & OURFUNTOYS 
Sat, May 25 @ 1pm
Drag Bracket Racing 
Sat, August 17 @ 11am 
Sun, August 18 @ 11am
Mud Bog Mud Racing and Hill n' Hole 
Sat, June 1 @ 1pm 
Sun June 2 @ 12pm
Fri, Aug 23 @ 7:00pm Sat, Aug 24 @ 6:00pm
Drag Bracket Racing 
Free Spectator Admission

Sat, June 8 @ 11am 
Sun, June 9 @ 11am
Special Event Rock n' Rimbey 2nd 
Annual CAR Swap Meet 

Sat, August 24 @ 9am 
Oval Legends, Keegan Evans Fundraiser
Donation Spectator Admission 
Sat, June 15 @ 6:00pm 
Sun, June 16 @ 1:00pm
Drag Street Legal Shootout 
Sun, August 25 @ 11am
Drag Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Ass.
Sat, June 22 @ 11am 
Sun, June 23 @ 11am
Drag Bracket Racing 
Sat, Sept 7 @ 11am 
Sun, Sept 8 @ 11am
Oval Legends, IMCA Mods 
Sat July 6 @ 6:00pm 
Sun, July 7 @ 1:00pm
Sat, Sept 15 @ 6pm 
Sun, Sept 16 @ 1pm
Drag Bracket Racing 
Sat, July 6 @ 11am 
Sun, July 7 @ 11am
Mud Bog Mud Racing and Hill n' Hole 
Sat, Sept 21 @ 1pm 
Sun, Sept 22 @ 12pm
Mud Bog Mud Racing and Hill n' Hole 
Sat, July 20 @ 1pm 
Sun, July 21 @ 12pm
Drag Bracket Racing 
Sat, Sept 28 @ 11am
Drag Rimbey Rumble 
Sat, July 27 @ 11am 
Sun, July 28 @ 11am
Appreciation & Awards Banquet 
Sat, Oct 12 @ 6pm





Dec 7th, 2004

This is a brief history of how the motor park began and where we are going.

In the early 1980's the Rimbey Kinsmen started a demolition derby and worked out an agreement to hold it at the Rimbey Rodeo Grounds.  The event became very popular for both local and area residents both as spectators and participants. The event grew to full capacity of the rodeo grounds seating and was recognized as one of the best demolition derby's in Alberta.  In 2000 the event had to be relocated due to pressures on the rodeo grounds and for safety reasons.  As the Kinsmen began searching for land they ran into problems.  They could not find suitable land at a price they could justify nor in a location that was good for such an event.

The Mayor for the Town of Rimbey went to the Kinsmen and asked if the town could help, as the community wanted this event to continue because of its past success.  After considerable discussion there was an agreement to use the land north of the Transfer site on a trial basis and see if it would work.

The first event was held there in 2002 and met with good success.  As this site was raw land it needed considerable work and help to develop the event. The project was having trouble moving forward and did not progress very far by the end of 2003.

A group of enthusiasts came forward with a plan to not only build a demolition derby but build a full motor sports park with a 1/4 Mile Drag Strip, 1/4 Mile Motorbike Oval, 3/8 Mile Race Oval, Demolition Derby, Motocross Track, and a Mud Bog. They approached the Rimbey  Kinsmen and the Town of Rimbey to see if this group could become involved to assist in the development of the Rimbey Kinsmen Motor Sports Park.  All those involved agreed and the Rimbey Kinsmen Motor Sports Park Committee began work.

With the help of many volunteers, corporate and private donations the project took off.  The community has contributed considerable time, equipment, material and expertise to complete what has been done to date.  This includes site design, base construction of the Lonkar Dirt Oval, 50,000 cubic meters of base work on the 1/4 Mile Drag Strip and more development planned for the spring.

With over $250,000 of work completed in 2004 The Rimbey Kinsmen Motor Sports Park Committee has been busy fundraising and planning events. We currently have three Platinum Sponsors (Over $50,000.) and a number of Gold, Silver, and Bronze supporters. A multi year sign promotion for the park has also raised considerable support and cash to assist in the construction costs. To date we have had a successful 100 ft side-by-side shootout, Demo Derby and are in the planning stages for snowmobile races this winter and a $100,000 plus car raffle.

It is amazing that from a cup of coffee and talking about doing a 100 foot Shoot-Out that this project has evolved this quickly. The project has received outstanding support to date but will need much more to complete this facility into a full motor sports park.  The commitment and horsepower of the committee and the community will be to bring to Alberta 80 acres of fun. The goal is a Premium Motor Sports Park that will be second to none and enjoyed by all for years to come.

Thank you for your support.

Dale Barr
On behalf of Central Alberta Raceways



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