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Policy Number Title Latest
Purpose PDF of Policy
101 Town of Rimbey logo 2018 To adopt the logo of the Town of Rimbey.  icon 0101 Town of Rimbey Logo
112 Council Chambers 2018 To govern the use of Town of Rimbey Council Chambers.  icon 0112 Council Chambers
113 Public Participation Policy 2018 In accordance with Section 216.1 of the Municipal Government Act, this Public Participation Policy has been developed to recognize the value of public participation and create opportunities for meaningful public participation in decisions that directly impact the public. This Public Participation Policy is in addition to and does not modify or replace the statutory public hearing requirements in the Municipal Government Act.  icon 0113 Public Participation Policy
122 Appointment to Boards, Commissions & Agencies 1986 Appointment to Boards, Commissions & Agencies  icon 0122 Appointments to Boards Commissions & Agencies
152 Expense Claim Form - Mayor & Council 2016 To accurately itemize statements.  icon 0152 Expense Claim Forms - Mayor Councillors
155 Council Remuneration 2018 1.  To set appropriate rates of pay for Council.
2.  Members of Town Council should be remibursed for all direct expenses as a result of their duties.

icon 0155 Council Remuneration 


156 Council Attendance at Conferences/Meetings 2018 To provide guidance to determined Elected Officials attancance at Coventions/Meetings.  icon 0156 Councillor Attendance at Conferences Meeting
162 Council Minutes 1989 Minutes shall be released in accordance with MGA  icon 0162 Council Minutes
163 Committee Minutes 1989 Minutes shall be released in accordance with MGA  icon 0163 Committee Minutes
1001 Department Structure 2016 To define the structure of the Town Organization.  icon 1001 Department Structure
1005 Hiring Guidelines 1991 To clarify municipal hiring procedures.  icon 1005 Hiring Guidelines
1006 Fixed Asset Accounting 2007 To set the criteria of a tangible capital asset and the maximum useful life.  icon 1006 Fixed Asset Accounting
1008 Tangible Capital Assets 2008 To define the parameters that will make up the Tangible Capital Assets to be recorded in the Town Financial Statements.  icon 1008 Tangible Capital Assets
1009 TCA Classification 2008 To establish major and minor asset classifications to be tracked for asset management purposes.  icon 1009 TCA Classification
1010 TCA - Amortization Methods  2008 To establish amortization methods to be used for TCA  icon 1010 TCA Amortization Methods
1011 TCA - Contributed Assets 2009 To determine asset valuation date for contributed assets.  icon 1011 TCA Contributed Assets
1115 Emergency Expenditures 2016 Guidelines for Emergency Expenditures  icon 1115 Emergency Expenditures
1128 Whistleblower Policy 2020 To provide a process for employees to report incidents of misconduct without fear of retribution  icon 1128 Whistleblower Policy
1204 Contracts and Agreements 2017 That all contracts for service, contracting, rental and construction be awarded in a consistent manner and in accordance with the existing provincial legislation and Town of Rimbey’s bylaws, policies, procedures and guidelines.  icon 1204 Contracts and Agreements
1301 Country Estates Residential Mill Rate 2005 To create a mill rate for those residential properties that were annexed in 2003 and have not changed the use of their properties, but have simply subdivided their property.
1601 Risk Control Policy Statement 2017 To create a Risk Control Program that will minimize the impact of accidental losses to our community.  icon 1601 Risk Control Policy Statement
1703 Uncollectable Accounts 2016 To ensure consistent handling of uncollectable accounts.  icon 1703 Uncollectale Accounts
1704 Donation Tax Receipts 2017 To establish guidelines for the issuance of tax receipts for donations in kind.  icon 1704 Donation Tax Receipts
1705 Tax Arrears Notification & Tax Sales Charges 2017 To recover all costs incurred by the municipality as set out in the Municipal Government Act.  icon 1705 Tax Arrears Notifications & Tax Sale Charages
1708 Financial Authority for the Purchase of Goods & Services 2017 To provide for a practical and efficiant means to monitor expenditures.  icon 1708 Financial Authority for the purchase of Goods and Services
1803 Town of Rimbey Lapel Pins 2017 To promote Rimbey through the distribution of Lapel Pins by recognizing that there is a cost involved.  icon 1803 Town of Rimbey Lapel Pins
1804 Town Promotional Items 2017 To regulate the distribution and allocation of Town of Rimbey promotional materials.  icon 1804 Town Promotional Items
1805 Sponsorship Policy 2017 To define the policy for receiving sponsorship money for programs/events from ratepayers.  icon 1805 Sponsorship Policy
2202 Community Centre Rental Procedures 2017 To define rental and lending procedures at the Community Centre.  icon 2202 Community Centre Rental Procedures
2203 Community Centre Kitchen Use 2017 To provide public uses of the Communicy Centre kitchen facility.  icon 2203 Community Centre Kitchen Use
2301 Recreation Program Refund Policy 2005 To define the policy for recreation program refunds.  icon 2301 Rec Program Refund Policy
2501 Paskapoo Park Management 2005 To define the role of the Historical Society and the Adminsitration in the operation of the Park.  icon 2501 Paskapoo Park Mgt Policy
2801 Public Relations - Resident Milestones 2017 To honor those residents that have achieved milestones in their life.  icon 2801 Public Relations - Resident Milestones
2802 Remembrance Day - Wreath Purchasing  1988 To honor each year those individuals who have given their lives for their country in past battles.  icon 2802 Remembrance Day - Wreath Purchasing
2803 Public Relations - Flowers 2017 To give staff consistent instructions regarding this matter.  icon 2803 Public Relations - Flowers
3004 Town Equipment 2018 To prevent lost or damaged equipment.  icon 3004 Lending Town Equipment
3101 Snow Removal Policy  2019 To establis a consistent, cost effective standard of practice for cleariang roads of snow and ice for safe travel within the corporate limits of the Town of Rimbey.  icon 3101 Snow Removal Policy
3102 Storm Ponds 2019 To set guidelines for the use of the storm pond(s).  icon 3102 Storm Ponds
3205 Servicing Unserviced Lots for Sewer & Water 1987 To ensure that provision of water and sewer services to previously unserviced lots be done at no expense to the Town.  icon 3205 Servicing Unserviced Lots
3207 Blockages & Breaks on Water & Sewer Lines 2017 To provide guidelines for a repair of service lines.  icon 3207 Blockages & Breaks on Water & Sewer Lines
3208 Water Curbstops 2017 To provide guidance to staff and residents on the matter.  icon 3208 Water Curbstops
3211 Utility Service Fee, Payment & Penalties Policy 2017 To provide service fee rates, payment and penalty policies for utility accounts.  icon 3211 Utility Service Fee, Payment & Penalties
3301 Lagoon Dumping Charges 2017 To control unauthorized effluent dumping into the Town of Rimbey's Lagoons.  icon 3301 Lagoon Dumping Charges
5101 Non-profit Organization Campaigns 2017 To provide a timely approval of annual campaings for no-profit organizations.  icon 5101 Non Profit Organization Campaigns
5402 Community Events Grant Program 2016 To provide a source of funding for eligible community groups to assist in hosting a community event.  icon 5402 Community Events Grants Policy
5403 Peter Lougheed Community Centre Main Auditorium 2018 In order to provide protection and limit risk of damage to Town of Rimbey Infrastructure, Council deems it expedient to provide guidelines for the use of the Main Auditorium in the Peter Lougheed Community Centre.  icon 5403 Peter Lougheed Community Centre Main Auditorium
6001 Compliance Certificate Policy 2017 Provide a consistant policy whereby requests for Compliance Certificates are received and processed.  icon 6001 Compliance Certificate Policy
6101 Addressing - Town of Rimbey 1986 To ensure consistency in addressing new subdivisions in the Town of Rimbey.  icon 6101 Town Addressing Policy
6102 Signs on Town Owned Property 2017 The purpose of this policy is the display of advertisement signage on Town property.  The goal is to ensure signage displaying advertising materials located on Town property provide a safe, welcoming and respectful message while respecting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  icon 6102 Signs on Town Owned Property
6601 Development Incentive Grant  2011 Development incentive to encourage business growth within the community.  icon 6601 Business Development Incentive Policy
6602 Development Contributions  2011 To assist in economic development within the Town of Rimbey by providing development contributions.  icon 6602 Development Contributions Policy
6603 Fire Hydrant Development  2011 To ensure adequate fire protection throughout the Town of Rimbey.  icon 6603 Fire Hydrant Development Policy
6605 Demolition Policy 2019 To encourage demolition of derelict buildings  icon 6605 Demolition Policy
6606 Residential Spec Built Homes Policy 2019 To encourage building of residential properties in the town of Rimbey  icon 6606 Residential Spec Built Homes Policy










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