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Community & Protective Services


In the event of an emergency call 911 for Fire, Police or Ambulance

The following Protective Services are located within the Town of Rimbey:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)  Rimbey Detachment which consists of five provincial members, who provided service to the surrounding rural area.  The local RCMP Detachment is located at 5117 - 50th St.
Non Emergency: (403) 843-2224
RCMP Website: 

Bylaw Service Contact Information

Contact Town Office (403) 843-2113

E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   



West District Fire Department  is a volunteer operated department, all of whom assist in various events around town (i.e. Rimbey Rodeo, Canada Day Fireworks, etc). In 2015, the Town of Rimbey, Summer Village of Parkland Beach and Ponoka County entered into a Fire Services Agreement and operations of the Fire Department are through Ponoka County.

icon 931 17 Fire Protection Services Bylaw



Ponoka County Regional Fire Chief - N/A

District Fire Chief John Weisgerber (403) 843-2404


Ambulance - Associated Ambulance Service is located at 5014 - 49 Ave in the Town of Rimbey.
Non Emergency: (403) 843-2998





Municipal Enforcement Officer/ Bylaw Enforcement Service 
The Town of Rimbey runs a “complaint based” Bylaw Enforcement Service.  If you would like to report a violation of a Town of Rimbey Bylaw, please fill out a complaint form and submit to the Town Office.  A bylaw enforcement officer will respond to your concern as soon as possible. 

Bylaws and Policies

Weed Control
New Alberta Weed Control Act aims to regulate noxious weeds, prohibited noxious weeds, and weed seeds through various control measures. Attached is a Weed Identification Guide with information on designation, identification, prevention and control. 

icon Weed Identification Booklet
icon Scentless Chamomille

Animal Control Services
The Town of Rimbey Animal Control Bylaw Enforcement is provided through a contract with Jim DeBoon of Animal Control Services. All dog owners within the municipal boundary must have a dog tag which can be purchased annually at the Town of Rimbey.  If you would like to report a complaint, please fill out a complaint form and submit to the Town Office.


icon Animal Control Form

Rimbey & District Victim Services
Call 24/7: (403) 843-8494

Other Services located in Rimbey:
Rimbey Community Health Centre - 4709 - 51 Ave, (403) 843-2288
Rimbey Medical Clinic - 5046-49 Ave, (403) 843-2256
Rimbey Hospital & Care Centre - 5228 - 50 Ave, (403) 843-2271

Municipal Emergency Plan

It is essential that every community develop an emergency response plan in order to properly prepare and respond to any major crisis.  That is why the Town of Rimbey developed their Municipal Emergency Plan in March of 1999.  The purpose of the plan is to provide a prompt and coordinated response to emergencies affecting the community.  After all, planning and preparing for major emergencies is vital to reducing the risk of further disasters and human loss.

If any emergency or disaster makes it necessary to evacuate all or any portion of the Town of Rimbey, the following procedures will be followed:


  1. The Director of Disaster Services will be notified by any first response agencies of a threat or need to evacuate residents.
  2. The Director will issue a warning to the public to evacuate and then coordinate evacuation operations.
  3. The Director will action the Level 1, 2, or 3 Emergency Response.


  1. It is anticipated that most people will provide their own transportation during an evacuation.  However, any person in the need of transportation should contact the Town Office at 843-2113 to make arrangements.
  2. Persons physically unable to go to the designated collection points must prearrange for pick-up by appropriate transportation.
  3. Persons with extra space in their vehicles will be requested to assist others needing transportation from collection points.
  4. Further instructions for evacuees will be given with the official public announcement and evacuation advisory.

School children will be evacuated in accordance with the School Emergency Plan.

Evacuation of patients or residents from Health Care Centres, Long Term Care Centres and Seniors' Homes will be supported by the Municipal Emergency Plan.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Residential: Evacuation Advice Checklist


If time is available or notice of intent to evacuate the area(s) is given, the following preparations should be immediately undertaken by residents:



  • Alert all family members, immediately!
  • Maintain constant knowledge of whereabouts of all family members.
  • Private motor vehicles should be prepared and fuelled.
  • Emergency supplies should be readied.
  • Secure or prepare to secure your home on departure.


Most important to take with you, time permitting, are:

  • Protective clothing - clothing appropriate to the weather conditions; such as a parka, winter jackets, overcoat, rain gear, boots, gloves, etc., and extra functional clothing for an extended stay.
  • Emergency equipment - first aid kit, flashlights, portable radios, batteries, basic tools, matches, candles, etc.
  • Personal items - medicines, money, personal papers, identification, etc.
  • Emergency food and water - basic utensils, dry foods, high energy snacks, etc.

Optional Items
The following items, if available time and space permit, could prove useful in temporary accommodations and would lessen the burden on the hosting municipality:

  • Bedding - sleeping bags, extra blankets, camp cots, or air mattresses.
  • Camping or portable furniture - lawn chairs, camp stoves, cooking utensils, etc.
  • Recreational materials - books, cards, games, portable TV's, handheld video games, etc.

Reception Centres
Reception Centres will be activated by the Director of Disaster Services or the designated Disaster Social Services Manager to provide for the immediate needs of evacuees.

  • The primary reception centre for the Town of Rimbey (depending on the severity and/or location of the emergency) is the Community Centre.
  • The alternate reception centre will be the Rimbey Jr./Sr. High School.
  • The Grand Hotel, Rimbey Motor Inn and the Parkland Motel can provide for emergency lodging.


For more information on the Municipal Emergency Plan for the Town of Rimbey, call the Town Office at (403) 843-2113.


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